Tenafly Chemical Awareness Program is a state initiative that provide programs for educating the communities regarding underage substance abuse prevention. We address the critical social and mental health issues that we all face in a rapidly changing world.

Tenafly CAP collaborates directly with all the various schools in our districts; introducing positive daily affirmations to each school, creating public service announcements, and establishing awareness programs that can be presented each year to appropriate grades. Tenafly CAP works to achieve this purpose by finding ways to inspire children to exercise personal courage, make smart healthy choices, and raise awareness to current social issues. Our goal is to eliminate stigma and provide support and education regarding underage drinking, drug abuse, social media, good mental health, bullying and other community related topics.

We strive to inspire character and personal courage, encourage good decision-making, and promote healthy social and physical development. 

Tenafly CAP helps to combat underage drinking and drug use by providing prevention and awareness programs in our community.